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Due to last hard work weeks (even months) and further vacations period I’ve not been active in this blog, however the following news have made me change:

Yesterday VMware announced it own OpenStack distro.


Let me quote the original VMware’s advertisement (underlying, by my own criteria, some of the ideas):

Today (Aug 25, 2014) at VMworld 2014, VMware announced the following: VMware Integrated OpenStack

— VMware Integrated OpenStack is a new solution that will enable IT organizations to quickly and cost-effectively deliver developer-friendly OpenStack APIs and tools on top of their existing VMware infrastructure. The VMware Integrated OpenStack distribution will leverage VMware’s proven technologies for compute, network, storage and management to provide enterprise-class infrastructure that reduces CAPEX, operational expense (OPEX) and total cost of ownership for production-grade OpenStack deployments.

With the VMware Integrated OpenStack distribution, customers can quickly stand up a complete OpenStack cloud to provide API-driven infrastructure for internal developers, and to repatriate workloads from unmanageable and insecure public clouds. IT can manage and troubleshoot an OpenStack cloud with the same familiar VMware tools they already use every day, providing significant operational cost savings and faster time-to-value.

Read more about the forthcoming VMware Integrated OpenStack solution here.

Of course, VMware’s Integrated OpenStack doesn’t necessarily mean that VMware is pushing customers to use  OpenStack, as John Gilmartin, VP and GM of VMware’s software defined data center suite business unit, explained in an interview.