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Please, let me copy this e-mail sent by Thierry Carrez to all OpenStack community:

Hello everyone,

It is my great pleasure to announce the final release of OpenStack 2013.2. It marks the end of the “Havana” 6-month-long development cycle, which saw the addition of two integrated components (Ceilometer and Heat), the completion of more than 400 feature blueprints and the fixing of more than 3000 reported bugs !

You can find source tarballs for each integrated project, together with lists of features and bugfixes, at:

OpenStack Compute:

OpenStack Object Storage:

OpenStack Image Service:

OpenStack Networking:

OpenStack Block Storage:

OpenStack Identity:

OpenStack Dashboard:

OpenStack Metering:

OpenStack Orchestration:

The Havana Release Notes contain an overview of the key features, as well as upgrade notes and current lists of known issues. You can access them at:

In 19 days, our community will gather in Hong-Kong for the OpenStack Summit: 4 days of conference to discuss all things OpenStack and a Design Summit to plan the next 6-month development cycle, codenamed “Icehouse”. It’s not too late to join us there, see for more details.

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this development cycle and participated in making this awesome release possible!