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Tissat, leader in the field of Data Centers and owner of Walhalla, the first Tier IV Data Center offering these services in Spain, becomes one of the only two companies in Spain that have obtained this quality certification and energy efficiency for its Data Centers.

This standard specifies requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an energy management system, allowing Tissat to have a systematic approach and thus achieve continuous improvement in energy performance, including energy efficiency, energy security, energy use and consumption. This certificate helps Tissat continually reduce its use and its costs of energy and the emission of greenhouse gases.

The application of this standard for about two years as well as the monitoring of the best practices established by the “European Code of Conduct for Data Centers”, along with other measures that accompany and support this standard (ex. DCIM system) have allowed to the Tissat’s Data Center Walhalla reaching a PUE of 1.15, measured according to the strict and continuous level measurement of type 3 defined by ASHRAE, the Green Grid, the Uptime Institute and so on.

Note: This TISSAT certification have been recently improved by the AENOR’s EA0044:2013 Data Centres Energetic Sustainability Certification,  that  accredits that a Data Centre accomplishes with the established energy audits, as well as energy and carbon footprint management systems, contributing to mitigate climate change.

Requisitos establecidos y compromisos adquiridos ISO 50001