For everybody who understands Spanish, I recommend this 10 minute video that review the IT evolution to explain (with subtle humor sense, since the interviewer is Guillermo Fesser, a Spanish humorist, one of members of comic duo “goma-espuma”, i.e. “foam rubber” in English) how initially expensive IT devices developed for handicapped people now have become cheap and commonly used gadgets. At the end, the video claims for the “Functional Diversity” as a new positive concept, instead of disability or handicap, and a revitalizing incentive that boosts innovation.

Note: the term “divertad” is an invented word, resulting of contraction of two Spanish words: “diversidad” y “libertad”, used for Javier Romañach (the interviewed human rights activist, who also is an Internet pioneer in Spain) to say goodbye.

Hereafter, I quote Javier’s Word:

Un vídeo de 10 minutos para estudiantes de tecnología:

 Javier Romañach


Salud y divertad,

Javier Romañach