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CERN is another “big giant” that is going to use OpenStack. In fact, right now is deploying the OpenStack cloud this month, and it has already been in use by pilot testers with 250 new VMs being created each day.

The figures are impressive: 150.000 virtual machine, running on 16.000 physical machines distributed in two DataCenters (the oldest in Genève and the new one in Budapest) that will provide IaaS to Nearly 11,000 physicists across the globe working on official CERN experiments would be eligible to use this private cloud: “Scientists will be able to request whatever amount of CPU, memory, and storage space they need. They will also be able to get a virtual machine with the requested amounts within 15 minutes”.

This approach let media publish that:

150,000 cloud virtual machines will help solve mysteries of the Universe

OpenStack & Puppet used to build cloud for world’s largest particle accelerator.

The full new and more details can be read in: