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I am absolutely proud of announcing that TISSAT has got into the “UK CloudStore”, a UK Government marketplace designed to make the process of selecting Cloud services easier, simpler and quite cheaper for Public Sector Procurement Officers.

This success becomes more important because the UK Government has just confirmed that it has adopted a ‘Cloud First’ policy (similar to the US one), making it mandatory for buyers of IT products and services in central government to consider purchases through the cloud as their first option: Cabinet Office Minister said that the policy will drive wider adoption of cloud computing in the public sector, boosting business through the G-Cloud programme’s CloudStore, and ensuring the public sector buys IT in a ‘quicker, cheaper, more competitive way’.

This is the TISSAT’s press release:

Tissat, 07th May 2013 – Tissat, Spanish company specializing in the Mission-Critical Outsourcing and Cloud Computing services, has been successful as a supplier under the Governments G-Cloud framework within the United Kingdom. Thus, Tissat becomes part of the UK Cloud Store, a platform for suppliers to offer their services for Cloud computing created by the British government.

Thus, the British government intends to promote maximum transparency in procurement of such cloudservices within the public sector. These enable a channel for the acquisition of products and services, as a catalog “on line” that contains all the information from various providers and the services they offer.

Moreover, being successful suppliers  it may be seen as a product and/or service with good value for money, quick and efficient offering quality solutions at reasonable prices.


About Tissat

Tissat, Spanish company leader in asset management technology and provider of Cloud Computing services, ContactCenter and Business Development, possess an excellent position in the provision of services and application development for the end client, under a model of efficiency and management energy management unique at European level. Its new CPD, Walhalla (Tier IV) represents an industrialization model of own designed CPD own ready to host cloud computing services and able to provide international hosting.