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TISSAT is proud to announce that Walhalla, its Data Center placed in Castellón (Spain) and Tier IV certified by The Uptime Institute, just obtained the Energy Sustainability Certification issued by AENOR.

AENOR is the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification, that was founded in 1986, and is working in more than 60 countries, been among the 10 most important certification organizations in the world, and contributing to improving the quality and competitiveness of companies, their products and services.

Besides, Walhalla becomes the first DataCenter in the world awarded with this AENOR’s ‘EA 0044’ certification, that accredits that Data Centres accomplishes with the established energy audits, as well as energy and carbon footprint management systems, contributing to mitigate climate change.

According to this EA 0044 Technical Specification, AENOR certifies that:

  • TISSAT has realized an energy audit of Walhalla according to UNE 216501,
  • the results and improvement proposals resulting form that audit have been included in the TISSAT’s ISO-50001:2011 certified EMS (Energy Management System),
  • and that carbon footprint has been calculated accomplishing the ISO 14064-1.

The result of all this certifies the Energetic Sustainability of TISSAT’s Data Centers, placed in Castellon and Valencia, a logical corollary of our continuous R&D and innovation processes in the Green Data Center area.

In the words of Ms. Carmen Garcia, TISSAT Commercial Director, “we are proud to be awarded with this AENOR certification, not only for been the fist in get it, but also because we deeply believe that our DataCenters more than fulfil the established in EA 0044 since it is a voluntary certification to which we freely underwent”.