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In these previous Christmas days I’m not in the mood for writing a serious post, but I remember that perhaps TODAY is my (our) LAST opportunity to do it. So, let me say that we’re using OpenStack not only for making business but also for R&D projects as “RealCloud” and “CloudSpaces” that are partially funded by the European Union Commission’s Programme. So I’m a fan of OpenStack and that’s the reason of this funny new video about OpenStack geeks that I’ve just copied from

Who says geeks cannot dance? And sing, for that matter? They can. The enthusiasm post-the OpenStack Summit led to this rocking video “Cloud Anthem.” An excerpt from the lyrics goes like this:

We’re gonna turn it up, we’re gonna rock your cloud
This is the open future that we’re talking ’bout
So baby listen close, you gonna feel this track
Cause you know you gotta get this OpenStack


By the way I wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR in this NOT-ENDED world.