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In such so fast changing IT sector where everything happens at a frenetic pace and where legislation is going behind innovation, standards and best practices are intended to put some order and concert in the Cloud Computing operations with different success; but are they applicable?, are they useful?, are they suitable?

It is undeniable that the cloud is pulling the industry with determination as well as acceptance by users is increasing, but do ISO20K & ISO27K (and so on) standards fulfill the CloudComputing needs? Are current best practices useful to operate a Cloud?

In other words, should the Cloud adapt to legislation? or should legislation adapt and cover the new Cloud challenges?

These subjects will be discussed next Thursday, 21-june-2012, in Valencia (Spain), in the “Cloud vs. ISO20K & ISO27K …without fighting” meeting (organized by ISACA) to be celebrated at Palacio de la Colomina CEU (s/ Almudín, 1)